100mills Startups Database

100Mills Database is the Ultimate List of Internet Startups that have proven commercially successful in 2011. This unique database of VC-backed internet startups will help you cut through the clutter of enormous number of startup ideas and only focus on the winning ideas.

“Discover Hundreds of Proven Startup ideas, Disruptive New Technologies, Growing Trends and Successful Business Models that is shaping the Internet and will contribute in generating a combined total of over $500 Billion in 2012″


100mills Database is for smart CEOs who want to grow their companies by emulating ‘ideas’ that have already proven successful rather than depending on brand new shiny ideas that has much higher risk of failing.

A listing of 1,000 plus internet startups, with qualifications on each allows you to quickly find the startups you need.

The 100mills database consists “funding details” of 500 plus of the wold’s most successful Internet Startups that were funded in millions in the year 2011.


100mills database will be available for purchase from 1st Feb 2012 at $197 USD.

Price includes :

1. The 100Mills Startups Database - This database consists of 500 of the world’s most valuable Internet companies that have either got funded, acquired or IPO in 2011 with complete details on funding status, funding amount, capital Raised, market cap allowing you to grease through the most successful trends and models that are about to dominate the internet industry.

2. An additional database of 500+ internet startups - This is a list of companies that have been widely accepted and gained significant popularity online in 2011. Unfortunately this list comes without financial information as these companies have not disclosed their financial data. This does not allow us to accurately measure their success still a great list of startup ideas!

Available formats: CSV, MS Excel

Each database is well structured with a wide range of data fields. You can search or browse companies by:

Company Name
Idea Description

Latest Funding status
Last funding amount
Total capital Raised
Estimated valuations
Head Office
Market Reach

It is the most comprehensive database of focused research on internet startups that have been proven successful in recent years. This information can be used in various way weather you’re currently at a stage of refining your start up idea or looking for features and strategies to boost your existing startup’s growth, this database will save you a lot of time and money in raw data analysis and information restructuring.

If you’re thinking of expanding your internet business by emulating proven concepts, then having this database will give you unfair advantage over your competition.

Bonus Gifts (Worth $470) When you book your spot today!

1. Resource Database - Over 2,000 tools and resources for specifically selected entrepreneurs and startups. Each entry is categorized by its product category, field of business and business type. Where we’ve found providers offering free trials or versions we’ve flagged those up specifically for you too! ( 2,000 providers, 200 free services identified!)

2. The Investment Database - Get access to the details of over 1,000 funding sources which focus on early stage startups. Our database includes crowdfunding, angel groups and seed funds. In addition we’ve included the key proposal hosting sites so you can reach even more investors. (1,000 investors, 300 seed funds and angel groups, 200 crowdfunding sites)

3. Legal & Financial Templates - Download easily customizable legal and financial templates.  These templates will save you spending money on expensive professional services and get the job done whenever you need to act quickly.

4. Alexa Top One Million Sites List.

5. Crunchbase 60,000 Tech Company Database - complete with office address, mailing address, email, phone and contact person.

6. Startup Idea resource - Last but not the least, a list of 20 websites continuously updated with fresh new startup ideas everday.

Wheh! Now that’s a lot of goodies.. and you get it all free when you order to book your spot today.


Key Benefits

You’ll be exposed to many new companies & concepts that would have been impossible for you to discover otherwise. You’ll discover hundreds of proven startup ideas, successful business models, disruptive new technologies, growing trends, new product/market fit ideas and many unmet needs.

Discover successful startup ideas - It will help you in every facet of your diligence process in choosing the right startups ideas and concepts. This database will allow you to sort startups by the amount of capital raised, funding status, valuation, target market, keyword tags allowing you to find the startups you need quickly.

Identify growing trends –  This database allows you to have a birds eye view on the emerging trends in the digital space , it is full of information on trends and industry sectors that are booming with startups, funding and consumer base.

Discover proven business models –  You’ll discover hundreds of new business models in Ecommerce, PAAS, SAAS, mobile, could computing and others, concepts that have proven commercially viable in 2011. I’m sure you’ll uncover plenty of startup companies  you’ve never heard of before, yet they are growing rapidly in their niches.

Identify financial potential100Mills gives you valuation and financial information that will help you evaluate the potential of each startup idea you’re currently nurturing. Compare the viability of your idea against already existing startups in your category.

Staying on top of the competition. Accurate, timely information on 500+ Internet startups and their activity gives you a competitive edge anytime you’re evaluating a new move.

Grow your existing startups – Implement new features, strategies or concepts that can enhance your startup’s growth significantly.

The more you use the database, the more you’ll be excited abou the possibilities of using it in all your tech related  initiatives.

Implementations & Applications

Increase your chances of building an enormously successful internet company

Emulate other successful concepts & business models to get higher than average return

Conduct thorough due diligence and competitive analysis on most successful internet trends

Raise capital readily by using financial data of other similar startups

Identify and integrate proven concepts into your existing business

Invest or acquire internet businesses more diligently 

Explore emerging trends to discover new business ideas and unmet needs

Make better choices to expand your Internet empire in the right direction



They are macro enabled Excel files with critical financial information, enabling you to extensively manipulate, export and use the data in your research and presentations comfortably.

Having a user friendly graphical user interface with pre defined searches and keyword searches it makes tasks mush more easier. Moreover the complete excel functionality enables you to customize and sort your data representation by making pivot tables , data charts and a lot more.

You’ll also have direct access to these lists;

The list of top internet startups valuated over $1 Billion in the year 2010, 2011

Top startups valuated over $100 – $500 million

List of startups that raised maximum funding in one single round

Companies that successfully exited(acquired or IPO) during this period

 Startups that raised maximum amount of capital

 Startups that raised maximum Series A fund

 Startups that raised more than $50 Million in a single round of funding

 Startups that raised over $100 Million through VCs

and much more.

Screenshots of the user interface (Click to Enlarge) :-

As you use the 100mills database, you’ll truly appreciate all the things you can do with it, especially using it to kickstart profitable ventures.

Main interface







Datasheet :-






DataSheet with company info on mouse hover :-

The story behind 100mills

We’re an internet company based in India working on two prototypes with an objective to build a $1Billion company under two years by catering to the enormously growing Internet users in India. The 100mills database was created as part of our initial research program a month back when we were finalizing our project, now as we continue to it build the database, it has helped us and our clients choose ideas and concepts way more effectively.

We were on our quest to find a killer concept to emulate our startup on. This lead us to starting a web scraping and content mining program to spot the most successful startup ideas from publicly available information.

Web scraping takes tremendous time in raw data analysis and information restructuring. To make the results future proof and versatile enough to fit in as many situations as possible, you need knowledgeable team with experienced hands.

Moreover, there are practically thousands of startups that emerge every year, it’s not easy to go through all of them and more importantly it was not productive either. Instead we only wanted to cherry pick the ones that have already proven to be successful, the ones that have two simple characteristics.

1. They are backed by VCs

2. Raised more than $1 Million in one single round.

We were simply not interested in the rest. We only wanted to focus on successful ideas not the ones that are still in testing stage. Startups backed by VCs are diligently screened by professional investors which have far more commercial potential than companies that are not able to secure VC funding. This also eliminated 90% of the guess work!

 This database played a critical role in our research phase, and we found a very lucrative technology-to-market fit idea in India. We’re currently working on the idea with an objective to gain 10% market share of the $20 Billion market by the end of 2012. We would potentially be one of the most successful internet company in India in 2-3 years time.

The 100mills database helped us navigate through thousands of emerging business models and companies according to their funding status, total capital raised and estimated market cap value – it became infinitely more clear to us which concepts we wanted to go after and hopefully it will do the same for you. When you start using the database, you’ll find yourself quickly and easily devicing game plans to grow your company geometrically.

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